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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Diversity Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for Diversity

Goals and Strategies to Support our Guiding Principles for Diversity
Prepared by the Board Diversity Committee
March 2014

Marin Horizon School's Guiding Principles for Diversity
The Marin Horizon School community is committed to weaving diversity into the fabric of who we are, what we do, and what we value.  We expect that every member of our community join us in this work with honest dialogue so that together we gain courage, comfort, and competency to be our true selves.

We believe that all faces, voices, and experiences are equally valued. Marin Horizon School knows that diverse perspectives and multicultural curriculum enrich academic excellence, moral growth, and cultural fluency, which prepares us to succeed in a global community.

We acknowledge that fulfilling this mission is an ongoing process where we learn from, about, and with each other.
Developing a Strategic Plan for Diversity
In April 2013, faculty, staff, board members, and parents participated in a brainstorming session to identify areas and issues to target in a strategic plan for diversity at Marin Horizon School. The group identified five areas of focus: Training, Education, and Support; Communication and Marketing; Fundraising; Events; and Admission and Retention.
The following plan maps our initial goals and strategies for supporting our Guiding Principles for Diversity. The goals are not seen as exhaustive, and certainly can be modified to address specific concerns as they develop.

Training, Education, and Support
Goal(s): Devote adequate time in the annual calendar and funding for training and educational events

  • Identify and provide opportunities for community education and awareness (speakers, consultants)
  • Develop and promote affinity groups
    • Bring in consultant to train affinity group leaders in facilitation
  • Training in cultural competence for faculty, staff, and board
  • Provide faculty with professional development resources (i.e. POCC)
Communication & Marketing
Goal(s): Increase awareness of our Guiding Principles for Diversity and progress on our strategic initiatives

  • Develop Diversity representation on Website, with emphasis on multicultural curriculum
  • Develop Diversity Brochure
  • Utilize Wednesday Bulletin to promote training and education opportunities and events
  • Review all school publications and notices (including admissions materials)
Goal(s): Evaluate and pursue multiple effective fundraising strategies for additional financial assistance for families

  • Develop a committee to research ideas for alternative resources for financial support
  • Discover and pursue community for connections to grants and foundations (coordinating efforts with Development Committee)
Goal(s): Coordinate and manage multicultural events to celebrate diversity and build community

  • Plan 2 school-wide cultural awareness events per year
Goal(s): Support a community that is diverse and reflective of our Guiding Principles for Diversity

  • Create mentorship opportunities between alumni of color and students of color
  • Recruit students in teaching programs in local colleges to volunteer for tutoring
Goal(s): Maintain a community that is diverse

  • Identify and develop sensitive and effective ways to proactively communicate specific support available for all school experiences (i.e. equipment, technology, fees)
  • Build/strengthen relationships with external organizations to identify, support, and recruit future students
  • Effectively communicate tuition assistance
    • Add calculator to website
  • Insure diverse representation among admissions ambassadors
  • Consistently track diversity through admissions inquiries and applications
  • Conduct regular climate surveys on families’ satisfaction on how well Marin Horizon School is fulfilling our Guiding Principles for Diversity 
    • Evaluate and incorporate results into ongoing strategic plan
    • Report information to constituencies 
  • Insure diverse representation on the board
  • Pursue underwriters for teaching fellowships for young teachers of color
Non-discrimination policy: We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, gender identification, disability or other category protected by law.