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Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Staff and Administration

Staff and Administration

    • Debbie Bigelow

      IT Support Manager

    • Mary Bishop

      Director of Development

    • Andrew Chapman

      Facilities Maintenance Technician

    • Aubyn Demian

      Director of Marketing and Communications

    • Ben Fussiner

      Director of Upper School

    • Stephanie Godfrey

      Database Manager

    • Carol Goldman

      Development Associate

    • Diana Greenstone

      Director of Finance and Operations

    • Steve Hagee

      Director of Facilities and Transportation

    • Victoria Huerta-Miller

      Director of Lower School

    • Lizzie Key (Porter-Roth)

      Director of Enrollment Management

    • Stevie Lee

      Director of Diversity and Inclusion

    • Andrea Lopez

      Accounting Manager

    • Veronica Perez

      Registrar, Administrative Assistant & Pandemic Coordinator

    • Bill Perrine

      Head of School

    • Nicole Schoentag

      Lower School Dean of Students

    • Sedny Serafin

      Bus Driver

    • Brittley Tringali

      Educational Technology Coordinator

    • Anna Varnay-Truong

      Director of Student Support Services and Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Non-discrimination policy: We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, gender identification, disability or other category protected by law.