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    Parent Ed: Jim Taylor

    "Positive Pushing: How to Raise a Successful and Happy Child"

    Based on his first parenting book, Dr. Taylor introduces parents to the use of positive pushing that is very different from the kind of pushing with which they may be familiar. He demonstrates how to push, when to push, and, importantly, when to back off. Dr. Taylor shows parents the Three Pillars of Successful Achievers: self-esteem, ownership, and emotional mastery, and their essential role in raising successful and happy children. In this workshop, Dr. Taylor presents “red flags” in both parents and children that help parents identify when they are pushing their children the wrong way (“Oh my gosh, that’s me!”). He offers practical advice on how to provide children with a positive, caring and motivating impetus to seek out success and happiness. Issues that are addressed include parental overinvestment in their children’s activities, expectations, perfectionism, defining success and failure, and emotional coaching. Parents will leave this workshop with new insights and practical tools they can use to encourage their children to achieve both success and happiness.
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