Preschool Program: Toddler & Primary Grades

Marin Horizon's exceptional Toddler program offers 2-3 year old children a first experience away from home in a welcoming and secure classroom that includes beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our Montessori-inspired program promotes exploration of the senses and to advance practical life skills, acquisition of language and mathematical skills, as well as a sense of order. Sensorial materials are rotated frequently and become increasingly complex throughout the year. Imaginative play is encouraged and learning is fun and purposeful.

Toddlers absorb the knowledge essential to their growth as they build language skills, social awareness and an understanding of their place in the world in a warm and nurturing environment.
The Primary cycle is a three-year program for 3 to 6 year olds. While there are many benefits to a multi-age classroom, the most significant is that it promotes peer learning and leadership.

Children at this age are eager to master the challenges of learning letters, numbers, shapes, continents, order and sequence, and are beginning to learn to read and write. Montessori materials help structure learning and guide them from simple to more complex skills and concepts. Our three Primary classes blend reading and math readiness skills with practical life skills. 

The academic program includes world cultural studies, geography, scientific exploration, the arts, social skill development, and play. Our Primary students enjoy light-filled, spacious, and inviting indoor and outdoor classrooms, and a beautiful garden that they tend throughout the seasons. 

Lower Elementary School Program: First Through Third Grades

Mastery of academic skills is the driving challenge in grades 1-3. As your child becomes a competent reader, writer, and mathematician, they are intellectually empowered to discover their world in new and exciting ways. 

The lower elementary grades consist of a dedicated 1st grade class and combined 2nd/3rd grade classes, with a variety of grade-specific and mixed-age groupings. The program places a strong emphasis on basic skill development and increasing academic challenge within an integrated, interdisciplinary, hands-on curriculum with a broad cultural perspective.

Major units integrate student inquiry into class projects. Computer technology is introduced in 3rd grade. Students develop independence by choosing their work during work times and by managing weekly homework assignments. They also learn to present their work to each other and to their families.

Upper Elementary Program: Fourth Through Fifth Grades

By 4th or 5th grade, your child will have achieved a level of competence in reading, writing, and math skills that are now consolidated and expanded.

This is a time of moving from concrete thinking into the abstract. Students build on the early research skills they have acquired, and apply them to long-term projects in science, language arts, and multi-cultural studies. The curriculum continues to be discovery-based. Students learn keyboarding at this time, and final projects are often done on a word processor. Major projects are shared with parents in large-group presentations, helping students become skilled and confident public speakers. At this level, students participate in goal-setting and in parent-teacher conferences.

Middle School Program: Sixth Through Eighth Grades

The Middle School (grades 6-8) provides a strong support bridge between the academic foundation your child received in the elementary years and the increasingly complex challenges he or she will encounter in high school and college.

The hallmark of the middle school years is developing the ability to engage in abstract thinking and to synthesize and analyze complex issues. It is a time to build and extend intellectual capacity, academic skills, and social abilities to meet challenging new levels of understanding. These are the years students begin looking deeply into events, their causes, and the underlying values of the time period and cultures of study. In eighth grade, students partake in an SSAT preparation course and mock interviews in preparation for high school, and are ushered through the application process with experienced guidance and highly successful outcomes.