Learning Support

Marin Horizon School offers a child-centered, developmentally based academic program. The majority of our students enter the school at the pre-school level before any learning differences or issues become apparent to teachers and parents.
When learning issues are identified, the school makes every effort to work with parents and outside specialists to determine strategies and modifications that help children find success in our program. For clarity’s sake and to minimize misunderstandings, agreements and timelines that result from conferences will be formally documented with copies for the school and parents.
Learning issues can be complex, and every child with special needs presents a unique learning profile. As children grow older some issues may resolve themselves, while others may persist and interfere more seriously in a child’s success as academic expectations increase. New issues may also present themselves at later stages of development. In some casesperiodic review may be needed to evaluate how Marin Horizon can best serve an individual child’s needs.

Learning Support Program

Children who struggle with any aspect of their learning are supported at Marin Horizon through our Learning Support Program, which is staffed by one full-time and two part-time learning specialists. Specialists work with students in small groups generally twice a weekalthough individual needs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Specialists help teachers with modifications and work directly with children in areas where they need support. Specialists spend approximately half of their time directly with children and half managing communication between any outside tutors, classroom teachers and parents.  

Sensory Motor Program

A consulting occupational therapist is brought in to evaluate new primary students in sensory motor development. Following these assessments students in need of additional support receive such support within the primary classroom, in PE classes, and/or are referred for outside services. 

Learning Support Specialists

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  • Emily Brockman