Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What qualities does Marin Horizon School look for in its students and families?

A: We seek creative, curious, and engaged students who are eager to learn about themselves and the world; students who possess the ability and determination to succeed in an intellectually challenging program that relies on active participation and fosters both collaboration and independence. Families that embrace and support our mission and core values, and appreciate that quality education is a partnership between the parents, the student, and the school, are well suited to Marin Horizon.

Q: How many openings do you have?

A: Availability varies by grade. Our toddler program accommodates 24 students, with a teacher:student ratio of 1:6. Our Primary program, which includes three mixed-aged classrooms, has 20-25 openings per year. Availability in our elementary and middle school classes is based on attrition, with the exception of 6th grade, an entry point that generally has 6-8 openings. 

Q: Who makes the admissions decisions?

A: The Admission Committee includes the Director of Enrollment Management, the Head of School, our division directors, and rotating faculty members.

Q: What happens when a child has been placed in the admission waiting pool? 
A: If an opening becomes available, the Admission Committee will convene to select the child that best fits with the class profile, regardless of when that child entered the waiting pool. 

Q: Do you accept transfer students?

A: Yes. The number of transfer students depends on availability in any given class.

Q: Are tours or open houses required for families applying to Marin Horizon School?

A: We encourage but do not require participation in the tour and open house events. These visits provide the opportunity to learn about our mission and educational philosophy, and see how they come to life at Marin Horizon. Prospective parents are able to gather a range of perspectives from our Head of School, division directors, faculty, students, parents, and alumni at these events, and get a sense of the enthusiasm and authenticity that defines our school culture.

Q: Do you conduct parent interviews?

A: Yes. The Director of Enrollment Management spends approximately 45 minutes with the parents of each applicant. This in-depth conversation gives valuable insight into a child's potential academic and social alignment with Marin Horizon's mission and educational program, and explores parents' core values with regard to their child's education. The conversation also presents the opportunity for parents to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of Marin Horizon School.

Q: What role does diversity play at Marin Horizon?

A: A starring role. Respect for diversity is a core value in which we take tremendous pride. At Marin Horizon, we believe that diversity adds richness and strength to our entire community. Our school is deeply committed to growth in this area, and prioritizes cultural proficiency as one of our guiding principles. For more information on this topic, please see Diversity in the About Us section on our website.

Tuition Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is tuition assistance available to students in the preschool program?

A:  Marin Horizon does not provide tuition assistance to students enrolled in the Toddler Program. However, students enrolled in the Primary program and beyond may apply and potentially receive tuition assistance.

Q:  How is the Required Family Contribution (RFC) calculated?

A:  The RFC is determined through a methodology developed by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), which takes into consideration gross taxable and non-taxable income, assets, liabilities, unusual expenses, family size and the number of students in tuition-charging schools or colleges. After allowances for basic necessities and taxes, and a cost of living adjustment for the Bay Area, a portion of the remaining funds are considered available for education. The NAIS School & Student Services (SSS) website offers webinars, FAQs, and step-by-step guides that help families understand how tuition assistance awards are calculated. 

Q: If only one parent is working, will the student be considered for tuition assistance?

A: In families where only one parent works outside of the home, the Tuition Assistance Committee may adjust total household income accordingly. If caring for a young child who is not enrolled in school, an infirm or disabled family member, or other special circumstances, the Tuition Assistance Committee will factor this into the tuition assistance award.

Q: What if I cannot afford the application fee for the PFS?

A: SSS will automatically apply a fee waiver to eligible families based on the information in the PFS.

Q: Does applying for tuition assistance affect chances for admission?

A: The Admissions Committee makes decisions on a needblind basis. Students who are deemed strong candidates for our program will be offered admission, space allowing, regardless of their financial need. Some years, however, the collective need of students qualifying for tuition assistance exceeds available resources, and we cannot offer tuition assistance. In those instances, admitted students will be placed on a Tuition Assistance waiting list.

Q:  What if I cannot afford the $1,000 annual capital deposit?

A:  Capital deposits are waived for those families who receive a tuition assistance award.