What We Do

Welcome to the Marin Horizon School Parent Association page!
At Marin Horizon, the vibrant Parent Association is an important part of our community. As you’ll see in our bylaws, we exist for three important purposes:
  1. To create inclusive ways for members of the Marin Horizon community to be connected with each other and the School.
  2. To promote clear and effective communication between parents, teachers, Administration, and Board of Trustees.
  3. Through our fundraising efforts, to provide resources to support the School’s mission and programs.
On this page, you will find all sorts of PA information, including our bylaws, our leaders, list of duties and responsibilities, and meeting schedule. There are still some leadership positions available – check out the below list if you’re interested. And don’t worry – if you just want to get involved but don’t want to lead a committee, there will be plenty of volunteer opportunities next year!

When We Meet

The PA meets on the second Friday of every month, with some exceptions due to the school calendar. All meetings will be held in the library, except where noted. Incoming Head of School Bill Perrine looks forward to starting each meeting with a school update!

Who We Are

Executive Committee of the PA
Executive Committe of the PA (L-R: Veronica Perez, Jackie Donovan, Allison Geisler, Tarja Settles)

We are delighted to announce the leaders of the 2018-19 Marin Horizon Parent Association:
Executive Committee:
President: Tarja Settles
Vice President: Veronica Perez
Class Parents Chair: Jackie Donovan
Treasurer: Allison Geisler
Auction chair: Sharon Lee
  • Auction vice-chair, event planning: Jocelyn Corbett and Janet Steele
  • Auction vice-chair, art projects: Livia Glasgow
  • Auction vice-chair, auction items: [still open!]
  • Auction vice-chair, promotions: Kim Gallelli
  • Auction vice-chair, parent parties: Angie Knauf
  • Chili Cook-Off (2/9/19): Shelly Horton
  • Tinker Night (3/15/19): Jenny Lasker and Angie Knauf
  • Grandparents and Special Friends Day (5/10/19): Shelly Horton
Hospitality Chair: Marina Terpins
  • Décor: Dyer Grote
  • Refreshments: Marina Terpins
  • Hanging art: Corrine Agaoua
Teacher Appreciation: Jen Coyne (toddler, primary and lower school) and Marina Terpins (upper school)
Merchant Fundraising: Laurel Harrington
Helping Hands: Diana Greenstone
Service Learning: [still open!]
Parent Education: Jen Coyne and Jackie Donovan
Lost & Found: Jen Coyne
Graphic Design: [still open!]
Spirit Wear: Shelly Horton and Jen Coyne
Walk n’ Roll: [still open!]
Gardening: Ashley MacDonald
Parent Hiking: Jenny Lasker and Kim Gallelli
Volunteer Coordinator: Leena Roseberry

Parent Association Contact:
Aubyn Demian
Director of Development
415.388.8408, ext. 230