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Main Campus and Toddler Cottage

General Inquiries
(415) 388-8408

Head of School
Bill Perrine,
(415) 388-8408, ext. 225

Director of Enrollment Management
Jacqueline Kurzer,
(415) 388-8408, ext. 223

Director of Development
Aubyn Demian,
(415) 388-8408, ext. 230

Director of Marketing and Communications
Lizzie Porter-Roth,
(415) 388-8408, ext. 424

Director of Finance
Anna Shubeau,
(415) 388-8408, ext. 231

Accounts Payable, Human Resources & Payroll Manager
Diana Greenstone,
(415) 388-8408 ext. 426

Accounts Receivable and Accounting Specialist
Laurie Kelly,
(415) 388-8408 ext. 425

Horizon Community School

General Inquiries

Site Director, Horizon Community School
Angie Evans,
Non-discrimination policy: We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, gender identification, disability or other category protected by law.