Horizon Fund

2019-2020 Horizon Fund

Thank you to our very generous donors to the 2019-2020 Horizon Fund!

Tamalpais Circle
Angie and Noah Knauf
Sonia Lee and Alan Grumet
Tiana Wimmer and Warren Leiden

Horizon Circle
The Cheris Family
Rachel Courtney and Sean Reilly

Natalie and Richard Loggins
Shruti Mathur and Rohit Agarwal
Elizabeth and Michael Mooney
Charmaine and Jack Pesso
Jodi Riviera and Brian Buchanan
Rennie Taylor and Craig Cornelius
John and Pam Zissimos

1977 Founders Circle
Bari and Sean Cessna
Elena Shaftan and Hans Ullmark
Marina and Alan Terpins
Margret and Kevin Trilli

Wildcat Club
The Rosgen Family
Emily Darawish
Nina Frank
James and Elia Robinson
Bill Perrine and Anne Roche
Cecilia and Fred Quezada
Jim and Sarah Abbe Taylor
Amy and Noah Wheeler

Homestead Valley Club
Amy Hershman and Richard Patterson
Marilee and Jon Rhodes
Audrey Ryan
Friends of Marin Horizon
Stephanie Aschenbrenner
Irene Belknap
Catherine Hills and Audrey Borden
Aubyn and Andre Demian
Charlie Denby
Jorge Diaz-Vélez
Kyle Donohoe
Kristy and Dean Duchak
Aisha Ervin
Niki and Alex Fong
Kelley and Oscar Gallardo
Amy Gardner and Ryan Oppelt
Kiffany and Scott Gibbs
Carol and Ron Goldman
Ashley Goldsmith
Annie Gordon
Hala Jimenez
Laurie Kelly
Abigayil Koss
Hilary and Drew Lipner
Michele and Michael McCulloch
Christie Michaels
Katherine Obertance
Jesse and Amy Pearson
Veronica Perez
Anne Porter-Roth
Lizzie Porter-Roth
Mo Poxon
Fernanda Repsold and Geoffrey Knopp
Julia Ripperton
Lisa and John Scarsella
Susan Smith
Jennifer Spielberg
Courtney and Eric Tindall
Nikki Tokar
Tucker Family
Carla Wilkins
Anonymous (2)

Matching Gifts/Supporting Organizations
Capital Group Matching Gifts Program
Merrill Lynch
Network for Good
San Francisco Foundation
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