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Horizon Fund

2020–21 Horizon Fund

Thank you to our very generous donors to the 2020-21 Horizon Fund!

Headlands Circle
Enmi and Scott Kendall
Angie and Noah Knauf
Margaret and David Sarratt

Tamalpais Circle

Shruti Mathur and Rohit Agarwal
Carrie and Michael Bostock
The Lakeview Foundation
Ashley and Elvin MacDonald
Elizabeth and Mike Mooney
Tatem and Morgan Read
Sarah Slaymaker and Ryan Stever
Nina and Gabriel Stricker
Amy and Noah Wheeler
Tiana Wimmer and Warren Leiden
Horizon Circle
Hanne Barnes and Bruce Pflaum
The Cheris Family
Jocelyn and Kevan Corbett
Rachel Courtney and Sean Reilly
Jackie and John Donovan
Diana and Scott Greenstone
Charmaine Ho
Jacqueline Lopez-Wyman and Matt Wyman
Lacee and Peter Phillips
Jodi Riviera and Brian Buchanan
Rebeka and Paul Sinclair
Debra Wetherby Fund for Marin

1977 Founders Circle
Kerry Barlas and Eric Schwartzman
Bari and Sean Cessna
Helena Chaye and Key Shin
Jen and Brendan Coyne
Sarah and Daniel Davis
Emma Dawson and Terrence Rohan
Brett Foley
Tay and Matthew Franklin
Linda Ho
Sharon and Andrew Lee
Sonia Lee and Alan Grumet
Ryan and Jason Lopatecki
Claire and Brooks McDonald
Mary and Nick Oust
Mr. Vipul and Dr. Meeta Patel
Jill and Alex Petrov
Rennie Taylor and Craig Cornelius
Marina and Alan Terpins
Sarah Wilson and Peter McGoohan

Wildcat Club
Nina Frank
Kellie and John Haddick
Paris Morgan and Eli Bingham
Bethanie and Adam Murguia
Anne Roche and Bill Perrine
Jacko Tsang and Alexis Bautista

Homestead Valley Club
Leslie and Mike Barrett
The Basham Family
Lexie and Mark George
Kat and Tripp Jones
Elizabeth and Jeff Micsky
Tessa and Tom Pickard
Stefanie Rosa
The Tucker Family

Friends of Marin Horizon
Stephanie Aschenbrenner
Sarah and Andrew Basham
Justyn Bellsey and Eli Brill
Lauren Brody-Clarke
Brijanae Burton
Aubyn and Andre Demian
Jorge Díaz-Vélez
Julie and Aaron Fenton
Mary Ann and Mark Frank
The Fraser Family
Kelley and Oscar Gallardo
Deborah Gallegos
Amy Gardner and Ryan Oppelt
Moriah Geller
Carol and Ron Goldman
Ashley Goldsmith Buttner
Annie Gordon
The Hess Family
Laurie Kelly
Abigayil Koss
Jacqueline and Harrison Kurzer
Talin and Soenke Lenuweit
Hilary Levey
Marianne and Anthony Lisska
Linda B. McCready
Christie Michaels
Katherine Obertance
Lisa and Noah Palmer
Anne Porter-Roth
Lizzie Porter-Roth
Mo Poxon
Diane and Jim Reed
Lisa and John Scarsella
Ann and Richard Schnuerer
Danny Scuderi
The Siskin Family
Janet and Tolan Steele
Lisa Townsend and Piro Patton
The Truong Family
Katelyn Wellnitz
Carla Wilkins
Allison Zimmerman

Matching Gifts/Supporting Organizations
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
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