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Horizon Fund

Horizon Fund

Horizon Fund: Our Annual Giving Campaign

Marin Horizon School students are engaged, independent thinkers who have a true sense of their place in the world, take responsibility for their actions, and care deeply about how they affect their environment and the people around them. Our students are lifelong learners with a passion for the pursuit of knowledge. At Marin Horizon, we make a difference in children’s lives so they can make a difference in their world.

Each year, the Horizon Fund is the school’s fundraising priority. Because tuition only covers part of the cost of the exceptional education offered at Marin Horizon School, we rely on our community to help bridge the difference between tuition income and the true cost of educating each student. Gifts to the Horizon Fund support the current year’s operating budget and go to work immediately in support of competitive teacher salaries and benefits, technology upgrades, field trips, Outdoor Education, art, music, drama, athletics, tuition assistance, and much more.

Typically, the Horizon Fund launches in the fall, with all pledges due by December 31. (Pledges may be fulfilled through June 15.) All gifts, no matter the size, are important and make a difference; our primary goal is 100% participation.

Horizon Fund FAQ

List of 14 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the Horizon Fund?

    This annual giving campaign is the foundation of our fundraising efforts. Like most independent schools, and even many public schools now, we ask current parents and relatives, trustees, alumni families, friends, and supporters of the school to contribute to this yearly unrestricted campaign.
  • Where do Horizon Fund donations go?

    The Horizon Fund allows Marin Horizon to be flexible and responsive to yearly budgeting needs, and supports teacher salaries and benefits, professional development, classroom and program expenses, tuition assistance, outdoor education, technology, athletics, and the arts.
  • Why don't you just raise tuition?

    Raising tuition would make Marin Horizon tuition inaccessible for many families. Additionally, gifts to the Horizon Fund are fully tax-deductible, whereas tuition is not.
  • How much should I give?

    We understand that the amount of your donation to the Horizon Fund is a personal decision. Gifts range from $25 to over $30,000, and we are grateful for gifts at every level in reaching our collective financial goal of $400,000. 
  • What is "the gap" and how much is it?

    The gap is the difference between the actual cost to educate each student and what you pay in tuition. Depending on the number of students enrolled every year, the true gap between tuition and the cost of education varies. This year the gap is over $3,500 per student.
  • What does it mean to have 100% participation in the Horizon Fund?

    In addition to our financial goals, our participation goal is to achieve 100% participation from current families. Our teachers, staff, and board of trustees participate at 100%, because they believe in the value of a Marin Horizon education, first and foremost. High participation is a vote of confidence and a sign that our community supports all the students and teachers of Marin Horizon School. This noteworthy percentage also has an impact on gifts from outside sources, because foundations prefer to see high parent participation rates before agreeing to donate funds to a school.
  • Can I pledge now and pay later?

    Yes, pledging allows you to make a gift that you pay over a specified time during the school year OR is a specific amount you agree to donate by the end of our Horizon Fund campaign. Please submit your pledges to www.marinhorizon.org/give.
  • When should I pledge and give?

    The Horizon Fund pledge period ends December 31.  All pledge payments MUST be received by June 15.
  • How can I make my gift?

    • Make your gift or pledge online: www.marinhorizon.org/give
    • Stock gifts are another way to donate. Gift stock instructions are available at www.marinhorizon.org/stock
    • Send a check, payable to Marin Horizon School, to:

    Development Office
    Marin Horizon School
    305 Montford Avenue
    Mill Valley, CA 94941
  • Can I use my credit card to make a gift online?

    Yes, you can make a donation through our secure website at www.marinhorizon.org/give. The benefit of this form of donation is that the gift is received immediately. The earlier you make your donation, the earlier Marin Horizon students can benefit directly from your gift.
  • What is a Company Matching Gift Program?

    Many companies provide a matching gift, usually up to a maximum amount, for every dollar their employee donates. Asking your employer to match your donation to Marin Horizon can double and, sometimes, triple the impact of your gift! Please contact the HR department in your company or our Director of Development, Mary Bishop, if you want to learn if your employer has a matching gift program.
  • What are the different levels of giving?

    Leadership Giving Circles
    Headlands Circle $20,000+
    Tamalpais Circle $10,000-$19,999
    Horizon Circle $5,000-$9,999
    1977 Founders Circle $1,977-$4,999

    Giving Clubs
    Wildcat Club $1,000-$1,976
    Homestead Valley Club $500-$999
    Friends of Marin Horizon Up to $499
  • What’s the difference between the Annual Art Auction and the Horizon Fund?

    Marin Horizon has two major fundraising campaigns every school year—Horizon Fund in the fall and the annual Art Auction in the spring. Funds raised at the annual Art Auction also support general operating expenses and help us close the gap between tuition and expenses. The Art Auction is another wonderful, fun way to support Marin Horizon.
  • What if I have more questions and/or want to make other arrangements for my donation?

    Please feel free to contact Mary Bishop, Director of Development, at mary@marinhorizon.org or 415-388-8408 x230.
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