Charitable Gift Planning

Planned or deferred gifts are recognized through the Beyond the Horizon Society.

The Marin Horizon School Development Office can be a resource for your gift planning by providing general information on estate planning and tax and income benefits for a variety of planned gifts. A tax advisor is your best source for designing a giving plan for the benefit of Marin Horizon School. 

Beyond the Horizon Society

The Beyond the Horizon Society recognizes individuals who have named Marin Horizon School in their wills or who provide for the future growth and financial stability of our institution through planned giving. By sending us written notification that Marin Horizon School is part of your estate planning, you will become a member of this society. Please contact the Development Office at 415.388.8408, ext. 230 for additional information on planned giving.


Bequests can often be a way to reduce estate taxes and can be a percentage of the estate, the residual of the estate, a specific dollar amount or an item. 

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a contract between a donor and Marin Horizon School, whereby the donor transfers cash or property to Marin Horizon in exchange for a partial tax deduction and lifetime stream of annual income from Marin Horizon. The amount of income is determined by a variety of factors. If you would like more information regarding this form of planned giving, please contact the Development Office at 388.8408, ext. 230.