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Horizon Community School



List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Why this program?

    The partnership allows Marin Horizon School to fully engage with its mission, modeling for our students respect for diversity within the local community and the world as well as real-world experiences that promote collaboration and multicultural respect.
    The program aligns with our overall strategic plan to build relationships outside of the immediate community. The students from the three Marin Horizon campuses (main campus, Toddler Cottage, and Marin City campus) will interact frequently to promote higher student achievement for all, as diverse groups promote greater learning experiences.
  • How did the project get started?

    The demand for early childhood education options for families in Marin City far exceeds the availability.  Marin Horizon administrators and staff including former Marin City residents, recognized an opportunity by partnering with Community Action Marin Child Development Program, long-time provider of child development in Marin City, and facilitated the introduction. This truly public-private enterprise is built on a strong symbiotic relationship: an independent school working alongside other non-profit agencies to serve a common purpose of making a positive impact on all children in Marin City.
  • How will the program be financed?

    Horizon Community School's operating expenses are covered by:

    • Tuition & program fees (sliding scale, greatly reduced from market rate, based on family income)
    • State and public funding, available to qualifying families
    • Major grants from foundations interested in educational equity
    • Individual donors committed to supporting a launchpad for HCS students to realize their full potential
    Horizon Community School is a discrete, sponsored program of Marin Horizon School. Marin Horizon School is the fiscal sponsor of Horizon Community School and offers critical support in the form of expertise, oversight, and administrative processing. 
  • How will the three campuses work together?

    The Horizon Community School campus will be an adjunct to the Marin Horizon School campus, and students and teachers will have the opportunity to commingle at each location for regular programming, events and activities throughout the year.
  • How will students be selected for the program?

    The admissions team will take the following information into consideration when making admissions decisions:

    • Are you a Marin City Resident?
    • Do you have a history with Marin City?
    • Are you a Sausalito/Marin City School District Alum?
    • Are you a Marin Horizon School Alum?
    • Do you currently work in Marin City?
  • Interested in the program?

    Horizon Community School is currently accepting applications for Marin City residents 18–36 months old. You can download the application here. To request a paper copy of the application, please contact Angie Evans at 415-324-7161 or angie@marinhorizon.org.

    Please return your completed application to:

    Marin Horizon School
    Attn: Angie Evans
    305 Montford Ave
    Mill Valley, CA 94941
    Monthly tuition is determined by your household income.
Non-discrimination policy: We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, gender identification, disability or other category protected by law.