UPDATE 7/31/18: Story Poles on Campus

Dear Neighbors,
I hope you are enjoying a happy and healthy summer. As the new Head of School at Marin Horizon, my family and I are enjoying this time as we settle into our Homestead Valley home and get to know our neighbors. One of my highest priorities as I take on this role is to build and maintain a strong connection between the school and the community.
With that, I want to provide an update on the public process surrounding the campus building plan. We are placing new story poles around campus to illustrate the reductions in the overall height and size from the previous plan. These story poles will provide an accurate reflection of the current proposal that is under review by the County of Marin. The story pole installation includes tall metal poles and many stabilizing wires, which do present certain safety risks within campus. In order to ensure safety, the poles will be installed before the start of the school year from Tuesday, July 31 to Friday, August 17. Please note that during this time, the interior of campus will be temporarily closed to prevent visitors from tripping on wires or running into the poles while using the playground areas. The school also will take pictures of the story poles and post them onto our website for viewing.
Once the story poles have come down, we anticipate having another meeting with the Tam Design Review Board in the early fall. At that meeting, we will present the various reductions to the previous campus plan for their review. In case you haven’t seen the latest design plan yet, they are posted on our website here: www.MarinHorizon.org/CampusPlan.
I look forward to getting to know each of you over the weeks and months ahead. Thank you and please reach out if you have any questions.
Warm regards,
Bill Perrine, 
Head of School