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Marin Horizon Leaders to Present at People of Color Conference

Three Marin Horizon School administrators will be presenting at this year's People of Color Conference (PoCC) in December: Rochelle Reodica, Director of Upper School; Danny Scuderi, Director of Lower School; and Jacqueline Kurzer, Director of Enrollment Management.
Rochelle and Jacqueline (along with Tinia Merriweather, from Ethical Culture Fieldston School in New York) will be co-facilitating a half-day equity seminar. Titled “Our Liberation Is Connected: Thriving Together by Healing Racial Divides Between Communities of Color,” the seminar will use racial identity development models to lead participants through self-discovery and reflective exercises.

Rochelle will also be part of a panel presentation with Danny and division heads from two other schools. Titled “Leveraging Our Intelligence as Transformative Leaders: Reflections from New Division Heads of Color,” the panel will focus on the question, “What does it mean when division heads of color have a seat at the table and how can they use their positionality to strategically impact institutional change?”

Lastly, Rochelle will be part of a panel presentation of Filipina women. Titled “Filipina American Decolonization Experience (FADE) to Freedom: A Journey of Power and Solidarity,” the panel will focus on how Filipino/a/x* educators are disrupting the halls of silence and dismantling centuries of colonization and oppression. Workshop participants will also be taught how to leverage the FADE framework to identify opportunities to redesign approaches to culturally responsive teaching, to create inclusive curriculum, classrooms and communities, and to provide leadership pathways for educators of color.

Rochelle has gone to PoCC each year (except one) since she started working in independent schools in 2008, making this her 11th year. She has presented at PoCC each year since 2016, making this is her 4th year in a row presenting. Says Rochelle, “I go to PoCC each year because it is more than just professional development. It is a safe space for educators of color to share experiences and support each other. It’s like going to a family reunion and re-connecting with folks whom you know from other schools and contexts. I always return from PoCC feeling renewed, empowered, and validated.”

This will be Danny’s 3rd year at PoCC, and his first year presenting. Says Danny on his experience at PoCC, “Relative to many other independent schools, the conversations we've been having here around identity and equity are just now being had in other places. I'm careful to say that because we have long, important strides to make...but there have definitely been workshops that I've attended that show that we've been engaged in ways that other schools have not. A personal takeaway is that POCC has a multi-racial affinity group, and it's the only time in my entire life where I've been around people who I personally identify with. It's personal and powerful, and it has informed how I approach conversations with and about students.”  Of note, Danny also recently joined the Northern California POCIS (People of Color in Independent School) Board of Directors.

Jacqueline will be attending PoCC for the 3rd year, and this is her 2nd year presenting. Says Jacqueline, who began work as Marin Horizon’s Director of Enrollment Management in July, “I feel proud to work at a school that supports our attendance!”

Congratulations to Rochelle, Danny, and Jacqueline on this impressive achievement!
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