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Faculty Spotlight: Jesse Pearson

Name: Jesse Pearson
Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
Title: Humanities teacher and high school placement counselor
Grade(s) Taught: 8th
What year did you start working at Marin Horizon/HCS? 2014
What school(s) did you attend? UCSC - BA
Why did you want to become a teacher? I wanted middle school students to experience what it feels like to have a teacher who is truly in their corner, who sees something special in them at exactly the moment when many students often feel the least seen or appreciated.
What continues to inspire and drive you to teach? There is nothing quite like the moment when a student who has never asked for help finally decides to take the risk and acknowledge that something is hard for them. I get fired up when a kid discovers that acknowledging a weakness is how we begin to build strength.
What’s your favorite thing about being a teacher/working at a school? I love when kids want to talk to me about their interests and passions.
How have you adapted as a teacher during COVID-19? I refocused on the skills that are most essential to success in high school, while maintaining a focus on social-emotional well-being.
Why Marin Horizon? I don't know of any other school that understands so well that students (and teachers) are most fulfilled when they are allowed to express their fullest selves.
What has been your experience at Marin Horizon so far? Simply put, it's the best job I've ever had.
Which of our Pillars resonates with you the most and why? (We are insatiably curious, We are complex thinkers, We embrace challenge, We are active community members, We have a voice) Nothing excites me like seeing and hearing students use their voice. I want them to believe that what they think and say and do really matters.
Do you have any hobbies? I write, read, garden, cook, bake, and coach baseball.
Is there any book that has had a particular impact on you? "Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters" made me want to be a writer.
Where did you grow up? Where do you live now? I grew up in Mill Valley and San Francisco in the 1970s and 80s. Our family settled in Mill Valley in 2010 after a decade in the city.
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