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Spring Into Action! June 2, 2021

Spring into Action - Alternative Energy and Conservation
With only a week left of school, we are publishing the final chapter of our Spring into Action / Earth-honoring Community Read event. We kicked off this event during Earth Day week last month, beginning with the suggestion that everyone read or watch The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. As we conclude our Spring into Action program, we return to the topic of alternative energy, as addressed in the story.  

Last semester, the middle school worked on sustainability projects - including a renewable energy wind turbine building project that has strong ties to The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. If you have not yet read or watched this story, it’s not too late!  This is a great book to foster conversations with middle schoolers about their project from last semester. They also made solar ovens, and many of the designs were inspired by Solar Cooker International, an amazing organization. Check it out!  

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me and shared that they purchased solar panels, power walls, and e-bikes this year! Also, thanks to all of you who went out of your way to turn off extra lights and especially the kiddos, who made this a special activity at home and at school. Way to go!

Zero Waste Marin is coming to MHS!
Last week, a representative from the County of Marin came to meet with a dedicated, environmentally conscious group of 7th graders, Mo, Des, Andrew and two members of our janitorial staff to discuss the Zero Waste Schools program. We are excited that this program will be kicked off officially in the Fall of 2021. With buy-in from students, faculty, staff, administrators and the parent body, we can greatly reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfills from Marin Horizon.

The Zero Waste Schools Program has already been rolled out to 35 schools in Marin County. This county program is free of charge to participating schools and will provide new recycling, compost and waste bins as well as a new water bottle filling station. This program also represents an amazing opportunity for students from lower elementary through 8th grade to show leadership in sharing their knowledge of environmental issues and choosing to make a positive impact.  For more information on this initiative please contact Ashley MacDonald at macdonaldashley88@gmail.com.
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