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Roadmap to Reading: Moriah Geller's Blogpost for The Goyen Foundation

Marin Horizon Kindergarten Teacher and Literacy Specialist, Moriah Geller, recently published a very interesting article on the Goyen Foundation blog about literacy instruction at Marin Horizon, from Toddlers through our adult learners.

“I think we’re getting smarter!” declares an enthusiastic kindergartner after impressing himself with his participation during phonemic awareness “word games.” Students notice that breaking words apart into sounds - such as cat into /c/ /a/ /t/ - feels easier than it had in the beginning of the school year. From a different spot in the same classroom, other students are excitedly noticing all of the parts of the day’s schedule that contain newly-introduced digraphs: “math!” “Spanish!” “lunch!” There are few things more exciting than being five or six years old and noticing that the words that surround you use a code that you are learning to break." Read the full article here!
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