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January 2019

January 2019

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List of 4 news stories.

  • 7th Grade Debates

    "Authentic when kids are showing how they can apply what they've learned, and think critically about what they've learned." --Jesse Pearson, Middle School Teacher

    Seventh grade students prepared to be on either side of a debate topic, and only found out which side they were on merely minutes before they had to go up before an audience of teachers, parents, fellow students, and staff to argue their case. After opinions on both sides were read, students had 4 minutes to prepare their rebuttals. 

    First topic: Communism leads to a fairer society. 

    Check out the videos to see which side you felt was most compelling, and prepare to have your beliefs challenged!

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  • Marin Horizon Report: The Green Fashion Show

    Marin Horizon School is known for its positive impact on the environment, and for teaching students the importance of preserving the planet. As leaders of Marin Horizon School’s 7th annual Green Fashion Show, Lilli M., Mona T., Ella W., and Hope C. of the 7th grade class, are teaching the Green Fashion Show participants about creating their own fashion forward dresses, outfits, accessories, and more. The Green Fashion Show is based on enthusiastic students creating masterpieces and showing them off in a Green Fashion Show, held at the school’s Grandparents and Special Friends Day on May 11.
    Each participant transforms recyclable materials such as newspaper, paper towel rolls, and fabric scraps into fashion pieces. Through this experiential project, students learn first-hand about reusing materials in a creative way. Students must be innovative and problem solve when working with these unconventional materials. For instance, last year a student made an outfit entirely out of their old Halloween candy wrappers. She used creativity and innovation to make a unique outfit that was fashionable and green. Through creating green fashion, students learn about sustainability and a commitment to the earth. Each student gets to walk our Green Fashion Show runway and show off their eco -friendly dresses, outfits, and accessories.
    This is a fun way for students and the community to come together to highlight an important issue. The students have a lot of fun doing this, and they look forward to it every year. They always come to the first meeting with excitement, ideas, and commitment.
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  • Annual Middle School Track and Field Competition

    Our annual middle school track and field competition is coming up this week on Thursday April 27th at the Tamalpias High School track. The Marin Horizon Wildcats will compete against southern Marin schools, including Del Mar, Martin Luther King Jr. Academy, St. Hillery and MVMS. We have been training hard during our P.E. classes, so this fun-filled day will be the perfect introduction to competition and give our athletes an opportunity to display their school spirit.
    Our entire middle school will attend this exciting event from 10am to 1pm. All of our students are required to compete in at least one event, with many students representing in three or more events.
    Students should come prepared with running shoes, blue, black or white shorts, a water bottle, hat, sunscreen, snacks and lunch - bagged lunches will be ordered for those on the hot lunch list. All students will receive a new Marin Horizon track t-shirt on the day of the meet.
    Parents, family and friends are welcome to join us at the track to support our team. You’ll find us under the large Marin Horizon shade structure in the bleachers. All students will return by bus to school for afternoon classes and regular pickup.
    Joel Booth
    388.8408, ext. 263
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  • Earth Day Friday, April 21st

    The theme for Earth Day this year will be Footprints: What Will You Leave Behind? The inspiration for this theme stems from our discussions on how social justice and sustainability are interconnected. Marin Horizon School strives to foster the development of critical life skills that our children will need to advocate for a more sustainable world.

    The idea is that everyone leaves a footprint behind wherever they go—some footprints are big, some are small, some are physical and some are mental. Some footprints we leave behind challenge our existence, while some leave the world a better place. Our hope is that Marin Horizon students leave behind footprints that positively impact the world.

    Please join us in celebrating Earth Day Friday, April 21st at the main campus!

    Please see details of the event below.
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