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Upper School (4th - 8th Grade)

Middle School (6th - 8th)

Welcome to Middle School

As the culmination of our program, the middle school years are all about developing the ability to engage in abstract thinking and to synthesize and analyze complex issues. Middle school students participate in grade-based classes along with mixed age co-curricular arts and technology classes. The program is strongly project-based, with a focus on integrated, hands-on learning. Outdoor education, service learning, and advisory programs support students’ growth in study skills, organization, self-knowledge, resilience, and empathy. Middle Schoolers act as mentors and leaders of the school community in the Student Leadership Council, on the playground and in buddy Primary classes.

Program Elements

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  • Language Arts

    The language arts program works in concert with social studies to allow students to reflect deeply on what it means to be human. Frequent seminar style discussions allow us to enrich this understanding through shared insight, and the overall goal is to help students shift their thinking from literal to analytical comprehension. The writing curriculum addresses both creative and expository expression. Speaking and listening skills are developed through a variety of public speaking opportunities, from book talks to immersive simulations and debates.
  • Social Studies

    The social studies curriculum is a three-year cycle that focuses on distinct geographic areas and time periods. Throughout the three years, students are able to draw conclusions about the interlinking nature of culture, economy, faith systems, geographical location and government structures. Ultimately, students begin constructing a personal, intellectual framework on which to base an understanding of the major forces of human interaction.
  • Science

    Students become literate in the "Big Ideas" of earth, environmental, physical and life sciences. Application of the scientific method is used to discover scientific concepts firsthand and solve real-world problems. Units are designed to integrate with the humanities and math programs. For example, when American History is the social studies focus, science classes highlight the spirit of American ingenuity and innovation by building complex Rube Goldberg machines and studying the physics concepts involved.
  • Math

    Students build a strong mathematical foundation in the middle school, which includes the ability to successfully link computation skills, critical thinking and logic. Teachers provide differentiated math instruction, challenging students in pre-algebra, algebra, and statistics. Students are encouraged to seek out their peers in collaborative efforts to tackle challenging problems. We integrate math with other subjects when skills such as measuring, graphing, problem solving, or statistical analysis are useful, like measuring angles and distances when constructing catapults in science. Class time can also include hands-on mathematical games and puzzles that have been designed to revisit skills.

Essential Questions

Middle Schoolers are guided by Essential Questions such as:
  • “What does it mean to be the ‘Other’?”
  • “How does language influence our understanding?” and
  • “Which is mightier, the pen or the sword?”

Specialist Program

Spanish: three times per week

Visual Art, Drama, or Music: twice per week

Technology: twice per week

Teen Talk: (advisory period with school counselor) once per week

PE: four times per week

Competitive sports offered: basketball, flag football, cross country, track and field

Current Parent

The teachers are conversant in the whole child, even to the degree of keeping up with technology trends of Eighth Graders.

Middle School Videos

Middle School Faculty

    • Andrés De Rosales

      7th/8th Social Studies

    • Jorge Diaz-Velez


    • Wyatt Griffiths

      Social Studies

    • Katherine Obertance

      6th Language Arts

    • Jesse Pearson

      Language Arts

    • Mo Poxon


    • Mark Sherburne

      7th/8th Math

    • Nikki Tokar

      Science and Math

    • Carla Wilkins


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