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Beyond the School Day

At Marin Horizon, learning and growth extend beyond the regular school hours through our "Beyond the School Day" programs.


This comprehensive initiative includes after-school Enrichment Classes that inspire creativity, discovery, and further skill development in a diverse array of subjects. Whether exploring new hobbies or deepening existing passions, students find opportunities to thrive in a stimulating and supportive environment.


Alongside this, our Horizon Center offers flexible daycare service for families, providing a nurturing space where children are supervised, engaged, and encouraged.


Together, these programs foster a seamless and enriched continuation of the school day, catering to the varied needs and interests of our student community.

Kimberly Edwards.jpeg
Kimberly Edwards
Director, Enrichment and Aftercare
Enrichment Program

Marin Horizon School's enrichment program offers a wide array of after-school programs to children from Primary through Grade 8. These classes are offered at additional cost to our students and we also welcome friends from other schools. Offerings change two times a year and may include dance, cooking, drama, technology, chess, and team sports. The Marin Horizon Enrichment Program also has a school play in the Fall and Spring for grades K-5.

We offer a full schedule for  Fall 2023, which includes sports, dance, design, art, language, music, and much more. Check out the details here

Enrichment classes are offered Monday - Thursday. Download the PDF here

We use Popsicle for enrichment classes registration - click here to go to the Registration page.

Horizon Center (Daycare)

Because we know your day doesn’t always stop when the school bell rings, we offer childcare through the Horizon Center before and after school to students enrolled in Marin Horizon School in primary through grade 8. The hours of care are 7:30 a.m. to the start of school and 2:00 to 5:30 p.m. Daycare is also available during most in-service days from 8:00 a.m to 5:30 p.m.


For Toddlers, we offer daycare before and after the school day. Parents can choose the morning (8:10-8:30 a.m.), after lunch/nap (12:45-4:00 p.m.), or extended day, for Toddler Garden only (4:00-5:30 p.m.) options.


Lower Horizon Center (Primary - K)

The Lower Horizon program is designed to offer age-appropriate activities with options for free play, games, art, cooking projects, or quiet time. Each day follows a schedule that includes stories, circle time with nutritious snacks, and outdoor play. Art projects are offered daily and children may choose from a variety of games.


Upper Horizon Center (Grades 1 - 8)

Upper Horizon Center for students in grades 1-8 is designed to offer a variety of indoor activities and projects, outdoor sports and games, quiet homework time, and access to the library.

For more information on the Horizon Center, including rates and plans, please contact Kimberly Edwards, Director of Aftercare & Enrichment, (


Dyeann Bartlett

Horizon Center Teacher


Kyle Donohoe

Horizon Center Teacher

Kimberly Edwards.jpeg

Kimberly Edwards

Director, Aftercare and Enrichment

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Eileen Plichta

Horizon Center Teacher

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