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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees governs Marin Horizon School and is composed of parents, representatives from the community, faculty and the Head of School. Their responsibilities include forming school policy, hiring the Head of School and guaranteeing the financial stability of the school. The Board is committed to preserving the mission of Marin Horizon School and governing the school with integrity and the highest ethical standards.

The Marin Horizon School Board committees include Committee on Trustees, Development, Executive, Finance, Horizon Community School and Strategic Planning. All Board and committee members volunteer their time and expertise. It is through their dedication and hard work that Marin Horizon is able to maintain its high educational standards.

Board of Trustees

Peter Bryan (Chair)
Jen Coyne (Vice Chair)

Bill Perrine (Head of School)

Rohit Agarwal (Secretary)

Hanne Barnes (Capital Projects)
Brett Foley (Capital Projects)

Ashley Goldsmith Buttner (Alumni Council Representative)

Mira Kim (Finance)

Sharon Lee (Finance)
Warren Leiden (Finance)
Kristin Lunny (Community Association, Committee on Trustees)

Lexy Lurie (Committee on Trustees)
Ashley MacDonald (Development)
Trigg McLeod (Finance)

Tatem Read (Development)
Ryan Stever (Finance, Treasurer)


Faculty Representatives
Moriah Geller

Sean How

Community Representatives
Andy Davies

Jeff Escabar

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