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Horizon Community School

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission, Vision, and Values


Horizon Community School is an early childhood education program that advances educational equity and social justice. We leverage public and private resources with Marin City community expertise to prepare children for academic success.  


Equitable high-quality early childhood education in a model of community partnership.


Partnership – We partner with families, educators, and community members and value each other’s voices in our decision making.

Kindness – We respect and honor each other, listen with empathy, and seek to understand each other’s perspectives.
Cultural Emphasis – We recognize that each child brings a unique cultural background to the classroom and value these contributions of our children, families, and community.

Transformative Leadership – We maintain high standards in our research-informed pedagogy. We develop and support passionate educators who exude the joy of learning, reflect the community we serve and mentor others to teach our students effectively.

Our core values embrace the ideals of inclusion, diversity and respect for the larger community.
-Stevie Lee, Marin Horizon Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Non-discrimination policy: We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, gender identification, disability or other category protected by law.