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Horizon Community School

Program, Faculty and Staff


Our program offers a culturally competent, Montessori-inspired curriculum in a nurturing environment that promotes cognitive, social and emotional development. The school day includes exploration of the senses and activities to advance practical life skills, acquisition of language and mathematical skills, as well as a sense of order. Sensorial materials are rotated frequently and become increasingly complex throughout the year. Imaginative play is encouraged, and learning is fun and purposeful.

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  • Montessori Philosophy

    Horizon Community School applies a Montessori pedagogy to its early childhood curriculum, which is focused on language development, movement, social emotional growth, and cultural competency. Montessori principles are evident in the classroom materials, classroom set up, and the teacher's orientation as a guide following the individual child. When other programs are brought in, such as Reader's Workshop, they are applied using the Montessori framework of "demonstrate, practice, and master."
  • Cultural Emphasis

    HCS recognizes that each child brings a unique cultural background to the classroom including heritage, ethnicity, and home environment.

    Teachers look for ways to acknowledge and emphasize changing cultural contributions. Though predominantly African American, multiple cultures are represented and appreciated. For example, currently, they regularly sing different versions of the ABC song and the Happy Birthday song; both the traditional versions sung in most classrooms and versions with rhythms more readily recognized in many of their students' homes.

    In anticipation of celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, teachers invite parents to share a historical peacemaker or figure who is significant to their family and a name their child will recognize. During the classroom celebration, teachers will name these figures alongside MLK and others more routinely honored.
  • Schedule

    • The daily schedule includes circle time, music and stories, independent classroom work time, outside playtime, and naptime.
    • The weekly schedule includes a trip to the local library, art and music, sensory motor development, and Spanish language and physical education lessons with Marin Horizon staff.
  • Early Intervention

    Additional professionals help identify and treat health and learning issues, offering families access to critical early intervention. These include a speech and language therapist; an occupational therapist; and a social worker that provides one-on-one play therapy with children in the classroom twice each week.
  • Healthy Eating

    Healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks are served daily.
  • Parent Workshops

    Parents are required to attend monthly evening education events. Topics have included the school's curriculum, theories and style; tools for consistency between school and home; and moderated discussion where parents develop and share their voices. This approach reflects our belief that parents will respond and be involved if they are met with respect as partners. We believe this approach will lead to stronger parent advocacy and leadership skills.
  • Extended Care

    To accommodate working parents, Horizon Community School (HCS) is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each weekday, 11 months of the year. HCS remains open during President’s Week and Spring Break, in contrast to most preschools.
  • Summer

    A 6-week summer program is thematic and more recreational than the rest of the school year.

Cerella H., Current Parent

We’ve seen the flaws in our system that we have here so for us to be able to allow our children to excel in a different route, I’m just excited.

Faculty and Staff

    • Stevie Lee

      Executive Director

    • Angie Evans

      Head Teacher and Program Director

    • Bridget Anderson

      Director of School Placement & Strategic Initiatives

    • Linda Blum

      Learning Specialist

    • Mona Chivers

      Primary Lead Teacher

    • Briana Coleman

      Associate Teacher

    • Patrece Hill

      Associate Teacher

    • Katie Hribar

      Associate Teacher

    • Shayna Lee

      Administrative Assistant & Associate Teacher

    • Clara Perrine

      Associate Teacher

    • Brishay Rackley

      Associate Teacher

    • Quinn Simpson

      Primary Lead Teacher

    • Susan Smith

      Toddler Lead Teacher

Non-discrimination policy: We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, gender identification, disability or other category protected by law.