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The literacy curriculum is designed to develop in students the foundation needed to become successful and independent readers and writers. Using evidence-based practices, teachers focus on cultivating the joy of reading and the art of expression.


In the Lower School, students experience a systematic and explicit word study program with elements of word recognition: phonics, morphology, orthographic mapping, phonemic awareness, and syllabication. The curriculum incorporates a wealth of reading materials from a diverse range of genres, providing children with an opportunity to utilize their newly honed skills in tangible contexts. This methodology underscores the hands-on application of their learning and cultivates a sense of accomplishment and self-assurance in the students. 


In the Upper School, comprehension is further developed with purposeful exploration of content knowledge and relevant vocabulary, integrated with science and social studies instruction. Students shift their focus to literary analysis, narrative and creative writing, presentations and debates - embracing diverse, personally relevant topics for global awareness and insights.

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7th Grader

8th Grader

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Curriculum Map

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