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Social Studies

Designed for students to understand cultures and history and establish relevance to present times, the curriculum focuses on in-depth, project-based learning, framed around essential questions.


In the Lower School, the focus is on development of cultural competence and understanding interconnections between humans, animals, and the earth. Through age-appropriate topics and discussions, learners reflect on their own lives, of others in their community and the world at large.


In the Upper School, the focus is on developing skills within the context of studying other cultures, ideas, and issues from the past. With an emphasis on close reading, research, primary documents and critical thinking, students ask thoughtful questions and examine various perspectives. 


Science classes are taught in mixed grade groupings, opening up opportunities for academic interactions with a larger number of students and providing deeper levels of collaborative learning experiences. 

7th  / 8th
Grade Debates


7th Grader

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Curriculum Map
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