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Students studied Picasso's original "Guernica" artwork

in detail and created their own artistic interpretation.

The Spanish Program is centered on fostering linguistic proficiency while also deepening students' cultural awareness and appreciation of Spanish culture. Carefully designed lessons focus on developing the four core language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking, through developmentally appropriate and engaging activities.

In the Lower School, the Spanish Program lays a solid foundation for language learning, with a primary emphasis on oral proficiency. The curriculum is structured to help students build their language skills through engaging and interactive activities, preparing them for more advanced studies.

As students transition to Upper School, the curriculum evolves, emphasizing meaningful connections to the Spanish language and culture. It seamlessly incorporates cultural contexts into language learning, fostering deeper personal connections for the students. This program aims to fully immerse students in the language, enriching their appreciation of its practical significance. 


The innovative, story-based curriculum teaches grammar in context, downplays error correction, and prioritizes identifying language patterns to promote intuitive learning. Through this approach, students are encouraged to develop fluency by actively communicating in Spanish, rather than through mere analysis, thereby becoming competent and confident communicators.

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Curriculum Map

Spanish & Art Collaboration

Our 5th and 6th Graders collaborated on a very personal art project related to their study of Guatemalan culture in Spanish class, and particularly inspired by the kite festival at Sumpango, Guatemala which is a dazzling display of enormous and colorful kites. Using a blank kite as their canvas, they created designs that represent who they are as people, the shapes and colors that they are drawn to, the people and places that are important to them, and a few words to further describe themselves.

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