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The Vicari Family: “Kindness and compassion are contagious.”

When you find a community that fits, it’s easy to get involved. At least that has been the experience for Amaris Vicari and her husband Ryan, parents to Aislyn (4th), Anara (6th), and Alaia (a freshman at Tam). Despite being new to Marin Horizon this year, they’ve already found ways to share their family interests and skills with the community.

As a mindfulness facilitator, it’s no wonder a “family gratitude picnic” came to mind when Amaris thought about planning an Outdoor Club activity that would “harness the mellow side of the outdoors.” In the same spirit, Amaris and Ryan also hosted a lovely morning paddle board at the Sausalito Cruising Club. It was such a wonderful way for parents with kids of all ages to connect that they’re looking forward to hosting another one.

These activities aren’t just about getting outside. Amaris notes, “Everything feels easier when we connect with other parents and normalize the crazy.” She thanks Marin Horizon’s faculty for contributing to that sense of ease. “Our lives are enriched when our kids are taken care of," which has been the case at every step from admissions into the school year.

As Amaris and Ryan remind their kids, “kindness and compassion are contagious.”


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