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The Vronsky Family: "We have community everywhere we go."

"How does my daughter know this little girl?" It all started on the playground when Anastasia, Natasha, and Paul Vronsky’s three-year-old daughter, brought over a seemingly close friend they‘d never seen before.

While Natasha was thrilled to find out this family was part of the Marin Horizon community, the experience highlighted that there were two other primary classes full of potential friends they’d yet to meet.

Teaming up with Taylor Fong, a fellow parent from last year’s Toddler Garden class, Natasha co-orchestrated an all-primary playdate. The response was overwhelming, exceeding all expectations as nearly every primary family joined the fun. Through the seamless coordination of Marin Horizon's Bev Boorman and Mary Bishop, who embraced the mantra of "the more, the merrier," the event became an opportunity to connect across classes.

In the midst of life’s hustle, coffee, breakfast tacos, and the joyful chaos of busy children gave everyone the free moment they needed to chat with someone new. Post-playdate, the impact is clear: every primary family can spot familiar faces outside of their child’s classroom, creating a community that not only resonates within the school but echoes throughout town.

Natasha observed, "We’re not even the biggest extroverts and we have community seven days a week and everywhere we go.” An extra bonus, according to Natasha, “When your child sees that you’re participating in the school community, it builds a stronger relationship between them and their school. It helps them develop a love for where they spend their day.” We all want to love how we spend our days and who we spend them with. Sometimes all it takes is a cup of coffee and a breakfast taco to get us closer. 


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